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About Us & What We Do

Venture Aviation

Venture Aviation Inc. is a Toronto based Aviation Maintenance Company, approved by Transport Canada under Aircraft Maintenance Organization 48-03.

Venture currently holds ratings in a broad array of aeronautical services, including but not limited to Structures, Composites, Manufacturing, and Welding. Our capabilities extend to compound and complex sheet metal and advanced composite repairs, and we are quickly becoming recognized in Southern Ontario for aircraft painting, welding, and repair engineering.

Venture's facilities are located at the North end of Lester B. Pearson International airport in Mississauga, Ontario. At 10000 sq. ft, the facilities are heated and illuminated with ample workshop area, a paint booth, clean room, oven, grinding booth, welding bench, and inventory control. Our shops contain the best-in-class hand tools, specialized tools, work benches, stands, jigs and holding fixtures, process materials, test equipment and calibrated tools. Venture exceeds the GTAA mandatory liability insurance requirement by three million dollars.

Venture has the flexibility and manpower to carry out structural inspection, repairs to sheet metal or composite components, interior parts repairs, product research and development and other customer requested maintenance at our own facility. Our personnel are fully mobile to perform all maintenance at our customer's facilities as well. Our support staff includes a mobile repair coordinator for non-local / international repair work.

Currently, Venture Aviation is the only aircraft maintenance company that offers A.O.G. services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in and around the southern Ontario area.

Our experience within the industry encompasses many levels of aircraft maintenance- initially as a sheet metal and composites repair facility and licensed Aircraft Maintenance Organization. Our name has been established as a recognizable and reputable force and earned a solid customer base and foundation for maintenance with Air Operators within L.B.P.I.A. and Southern Ontario's aircraft maintenance industry.

Our personnel consist of individuals with decades of experience in civilian and military aerospace, as well as specialists from other fields, as well as younger individuals, providing a wide array of support across both traditional and modern systems and requirements. Our PRM contributes over twenty-five years' experience in all areas of aircraft maintenance and operations.

We believe the strength of Venture lies in the experience and attitude of our people, who are second to none in qualifications and experience in the aerospace maintenance sector. We recruit highly trained people who are experienced in the industry and who demonstrate a positive, proactive attitude toward maintaining our reputation for high quality work. Venture strives to motivate, train and retain its employees by providing a safe workplace, access to upgrading courses and product training in addition to competitive compensation. We have created a corporate culture based on reputation, respect, trust & teamwork.

Venture feels that environmental protection requirements should be a significant operational factor in 21st century industry. We comply with all environmental protection regulations. These requirements do not bear significant financial factors on Venture's operations.

We welcome your business.


Established in 2003, Venture Aviation Inc. has operations in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as an Aviation Maintenance Company approved by Transport Canada under Aircraft Maintenance Organization 48-03. Our highly trained and experienced team has provided, and is dedicated to continuing to provide, top quality services and products, in acceptable time-lines, at affordable prices, for over 10 years.

Venture Aviation Inc. was registered as a sole proprietorship in 1992,
named Del Vecchio's Aero Service, and was incorporated in 1994. After nine years of consistent growth within the industry, Del Vecchio's Aero Service expanded its scope and changed its name to Venture Aviation Inc in 2003.

Venture Aviation Inc. is approved by Transport Canada for structures with ratings in sheet metal and composite aircraft repair, as well as various approvals and certificates for engineered repairs, major mods, and components. We were established in 2003, in 2005 we obtained manufacturing capabilities, and in 2013 we obtained aircraft welding approval. In 2015, we began rapid prototyping research. We recruit highly trained people who are experienced in the industry and who demonstrate a positive, proactive attitude toward maintaining our reputation for high quality work. We offer our services 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at Lester B. Person International Airport and throughout Ontario.

Capabilities & Facility Equipment

Venture Aviation can offer aircraft sheet metal and composite structural inspection, repair and modification to all types of aircraft as well as custom paint services, product research, custom development and fabrication of composite and metallic aircraft and non-aircraft parts and components, and engineering services and manufacturing of aeronautical and non-aeronautical components. Additionally, our personnel are fully mobile to perform all maintenance at our customer's facilities, as necessary. We can offer such a diverse range of services and solutions, in part thanks to our purpose-built 10000 sq. Ft. facility, designed entirely for aerospace maintenance & manufacturing.

In addition to containing a wide range of high-quality equipment and tooling, our facilities are equipped with the following process-capability equipment:

  • sheet metal fabrication
    10' brake, 8' shear, forming wheel, roller, alodine tanks & cold work
  • 150 sq. Ft. Calibrated Curing Oven
    up to 350 °F, with direct cure print out
  • Composite Clean Room
    climate-controlled, positive-pressure, with environmental logging
  • Controlled Storehouse
    isolated and secured inventory and material control
  • Grinding & Blasting Booth
    HEPA-filtered & Fully Fluorescent Lit, with Large Parts Sandblasting Capability
  • 250 sq. Ft. On-Site Paint Booth
    HEPA-filtered & Fully Fluorescent Lit, with Large Parts Entrance Door
  • Vented Dry Room
    positive pressure, tack floored, and sterile
  • Portable Paint Booth
    Completely Mobile & Fully Transportable, we can paint on-site
  • Portable 'Hot-Bond' Equipment
    mobile composite equipment with multi-point print out
  • 3-Axis Lathe & CNC Equipment
    with off-site 5-axis capabilities
  • 75-ton Hydraulic Forming Press
    for direct stamping of sheet metal structures
  • Cold Working & High Pressure Swage
    with mobile and airside capabilities
  • Flight Control Balancing
    for OEM and custom controls
  • Airside-equipped fleet vehicles
    purpose built gtaa aog service ambulance, vehicles & equipment
  • Aeronautical Welding area
    on-site multi-position multi-material arc & gas welding capability
  • security & control
    cctv video monitoring & digital assurance controls

We also keep materials on hand at our facility, to reduce hold times on consumables procurement. Due to our high-throughput, we often have the materials needed to complete a job already available.


Venture Aviation provides 24-hour A.O.G. services in the immediate area of Lester B. Pearson airport and throughout Southern Ontario performing structural and composite aircraft repair to various airlines and maintenance repair organizations. Venture Aviation also provides mobile repair technicians worldwide for warranty service and maintains an extensive network of avionics, mechanics and structures technicians to provide human resources in the aerospace industry. Venture Aviation maintains both Premises and Operations liability insurance.


We also hold manufacturing approval for various components. See full details of our approvals below.

We often develop new products in response to our customer requests, including non-aeronautical components when necessary. Engineering services along with our manufacturing capabilities allow us the opportunity to cater to our customer unique needs.

We can design and develop production processes, as well as build parts or components from scratch. Whether it's small quantity manufacturing, prototyping, testing, on-off's, jigs, molds, metallic or composite - we can do it. Fast, cheap, and good.

Certificates, Approvals & Ratings

Venture Aviation Inc. is certified by Transport Canada as an Approved Maintenance Organization, AMO #48-03. We are authorized to perform maintenance, manufacturing, and certification of aeronautical components. We are also authorized to perform and engineer repairs on both composite and sheet metal structures. Additionally, we're one of the only approved aircraft welding facilities, holding approvals in both arc and gas welding. Our aircraft ratings include the Beech 1900, Beech King Air, and Cessna 208, and our diverse group of technicians are type-rated on a large variety of aircraft, the world over.

To view copies of our certificates, see below:


Structures Welding Components Aircraft

Part Design Approvals & Supplementary Type Certificates

Venture Aviation has the approval from Transport Canada to manufacture and certify aeronautical products.
We have Part Design Approvals (PDAs) for the following aeronautical components:

BEECH 1900D Cargo Floorboards - PDA 04-5
VA 114-430133-27
VA 129-440054-1
VA 129-440071-1
VA 129-440047-3
VA 130-420051-31

We also hold Supplementary Type Certificates (STCs) for the following components and major modifications:

Supplementary Type Certificates (STCs)
SA-16-2DHC-8 Switch Covers
SA-16-94Modification of Upper Engine Cowl
SA-16-104Cowl Latch Beech 1900D/1900C

Standard & Regulation Authorities

Venture Aviation Inc. implements, adheres to, and is certified under the following standards and regulations:

Awards & Organization Memberships

Venture Aviation Inc strives to achieve excellence throughout the aerospace industry, and deliver that excellence and experience back to the community. Following with our traditions, we have been awarded with the following achievements and recognitions of success:

We are also an active member of the following organizations: