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Custom Tooling

Aircraft Tooling

OEM Replacement Tooling

We can redevelop and reverse engineer OEM tooling to provide a more economical or custom-tailored tool designed explicitly for your purposes.

Custom Tooling

We often engineer new products in response to our customer requests, including non-aeronautical components when necessary. Engineering services along with our manufacturing capabilities allow us the opportunity to cater to our customer unique needs. We can design and develop production processes, as well as build parts or components from scratch.

Manufactured Components

We also have approval from Transport Canada to manufacture and certify aeronautical products. We hold T.C. part design approvals for Beechcraft 1900D Cargo floor boards, and various other components. See our catalog for more.

Flight Control Racks, Work Carts, and Trailers

Racks & Carts

We can custom build racks, carts, and storage stands for all purposes! They can be designed as a rigid unit, or to be disassembled and rebuilt for mobile or portable usage. We have multi-material experience, and can utilize whatever metal suits your purposes best- or even help solve design challenges you might be facing. We have experience with aluminum, steel, and titanium welding, brazing, composite structures, and much more!


Looking to build a trailer or modify a vehicle for aircraft service purposes? We have experience building custom trailers for transportation of dangerous, fragile, oversize, or unique goods and products- with roadworthy certification.

We sell custom-built gas-cylinder transportation trailers- for inert and flammable gasses! Contact Us for a quote.