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We also hold manufacturing approval for various components. See full details of our approvals here.

We often develop new products in response to our customer requests, including non-aeronautical components when necessary. Engineering services along with our manufacturing capabilities allow us the opportunity to cater to our customer unique needs.


We can design and develop production processes, as well as build parts or components from scratch. Whether it's small quantity manufacturing, prototyping, testing, on-off's, jigs, molds, metallic or composite - we can do it. Fast, cheap, and good.

APU Exhaust Tail Cone

Exhaust tail cone was damaged, with dent intrusion into ribbed support structure, and accordion compression of the inconel skin structure. Tail cone was disassembled, rib removed, and the skin pulled taught with braced tension. A relief area was then calculated and removed, and a doubler template was made. A new skin was then rolled and wheeled to accomodate the compound curvature of the component. The component was then reassembled in accordance with manufacturers reccomendations. Surface finish was restored, and skin was polished.

Q400 Cowl De-Ice Boots

We can perform replacement, restoration, and refurbishment of the de-icing surfaces of inlet cowls, engine cowls, leading edges and other flight control services of all aircraft types. We have particularly specialized experience with Bombardier DHC-8 Q400 De-Ice Boots- performing boot replacement and acoustic liner disbond repairs in accordance with manufacturers guidelines or other approved engineering data. We also manufacture custom work carts to assist in Q400 inlet cowl maintenance and repair.