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Airworthy Parts Leasing Program

How It Works

When an aircraft is grounded awaiting service or repair, every second counts. Often, repairs or service may take upwards of a week or more, in which case the aircraft is not generating revenue for the operator. If this is unexpected by the operator, it may cause additional delays with rerouting and flight cancellations, as well as fleet distribution.

We maintain an inventory of components that are certified aeronautical, and can be installed onto an aircraft after removal of the damaged or worn component, to return the aircraft to a serviceable condition. The component is leased for the period of time in which the repairs or service is completed, in which time the leased component is removed and the original component reinstalled. The leased component is then inspected, refurbished if necessary, and returned to the serviceable inventory. This allows the operator to return the aircraft to service with minimal turn-around, mitigating additional delays and incurred logistics issues. Our affordable rental fees keep your costs even lower.

Parts Inventory

Our inventory consists of components that, in our experience, tend to fail from wear, unexpectedly, or before the manufacturers estimates. We also stock components that are often serviced or overhauled in accordance with cycle checks, to allow operators to continue to fly faster, and fly farther.

Getting close to your Minimum Equipment List requirements? We stock certified and calibrated components that we can install (and release) while your components undergo repair or overhaul, to keep you flying. Check out our inventory- if you can't find what you're looking for, send us an inquiry, and someone from our team will assist you as soon as possible.


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Sourcing & Certification

Venture Aviation Inc is an approved maintenance and manufacturing organization, approved under Transport Canada as AMO 48-03. For more information, see our approvals.

Our parts and components are overhauled, repaired, and certified in house, by our expert team of aircraft maintenance engineers, structural technicians, composite technicians, and aerospace engineers. All of our work undergoes a strict quality assurance check before returning to a serviceable condition, and where necessary, is sent for external calibration, certification, and performance attestation.

Some components in our inventory may be certified by the manufacturer, or a third party.