24/7 AOG SERVICE - AMO 48-03
1 (888) 266-4803

Aircraft On Ground!

24/7 AOG Services

If you are currently aircraft-on-ground and in need of AOG Service, please call our AOG line-
1 (888) AMO - 4803 [Toll Free]
E-mail response may be delayed due to timezone differences.
Inquiries made from this page usually have a one-hour response turnaround.

Venture Aviation provides 24-hour A.O.G. services in the immediate area of Lester B. Pearson airport and throughout Southern Ontario performing structural and composite aircraft repair to various airlines and maintenance repair organizations. We also provide mobile repair technicians worldwide for warranty service and maintain an extensive network of avionics, mechanics and structures technicians to provide qualified labor resources in the aerospace industry.

A.O.G support provides you with the full support of our logistics experts, aerospace engineers and licensed AME's, all with the common goal of getting your aircraft flying again- in the fastest possible time, for the longest possible time. Our Technicians are available 24/ 7 for in-the-field structural repair service (including on-ramp services at Lester B. Pearson International Airport).

24/ 7 AOG Service    1 (888) AMO-4803


We have a continuous 24-hour per-day, 365 days per-year rotation of on-call technicians, and a full-service facility, available with quick turnaround. in the Southern Ontario area. We can often be in-field within an hour of receiving the call. This is a service we can uniquely offer in the Ontario region. Our technicians have GTAA Security Clearance, and with a facility situated at the end of the runway, we're able to solve your AOG problems, often before the manufacturer's service team can even be on-site.

Canada & USA

Our technicians and services are always available within Canada and the United States, generally with next-day service. Depending on location, we can often be on site less than 24-hours after you place the call.


Our services also extend internationally, with a general three-day deployment time. Depending on location, we can often be on site less than three-days after you place the call. We are capable, qualified & confident working in dangerous environments, travel risk advisory countries, and in military facilities.

Airworthy Parts Leasing

Additionally, we maintain an inventory of airworthy certified components for various aircraft, allowing an in-situ replacement for general maintenance components while your component is repaired. This minimizes aircraft down time, allowing operators to resume flying safely, and quickly, before their component is completed! We currently stock components for the following aircraft:

  • Boeing 737-800 NG
  • Beechcraft 1900 & King Air
  • Bombardier CRJ & Q400
  • Embraer 175

Engineering & Certification

Venture Aviation has an on-site engineering team for repairs, out of limits repairs, major mods, and Part Design Approvals. Additionally, we maintain close collaborative efforts with reputable industry professionals and DAR's (Designated Airworthiness Representative). We can assist in obtaining the following, and more;

  • (RDA) Repair Design Approvals
  • (STC) Supplement Type Certificates & Approvals
  • (SSTC) Limited Supplement Type Certificates & Approvals
  • Ferry Flight Permits

    We can assist in obtaining ferry flight permits, including necessary damage evaluation, engineering, flight permit application, and pilot chartering if necessary. Venture has more than a decade experience working with Transport Canada to assist in ferry flight operations, allowing operators to retrieve their aircraft internationally, or in some cases, retrieve their aircraft from Canada.